Biogas from different substrates

Fermentation systems of farmatic adapt flexibly to different input materials. Highly viscous substrates as grain and grass silages can be processed as well as liquid manure or vinasse with a substantially lower viscosity.

farmatic steel tanks

The proven bolted farmatic tanks made of steel can be quickly constructed worldwide in the appropriate size. Durability and quality of the screw fitting is ensured by the patented f-protect system with the use of stainless steel, even at high temperatures.

Palm oil / sugar industry

Moreover special substrates as waste water and waste substances from palm oil production or sugar industry can be optimally processed by the farmatic fermentation system.

Long tested own system components improve economic efficiency and decrease the expenses for maintenance noticeably.

double helix heat exchangers

These include besides the steel tanks:

  • double helix heat exchangers

    specially adapted to biogas and waste water treatment plants, durable, efficient, robust and without wearing parts

  • diffusors

  • digestate dryers

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