In February 2018 farmatic is sold to the Marienfeld based Eggersmann Group.


After a short period of operating under the name “FFE Solutions GmbH” the company renamed in farmatic Anlagenbau GmbH.
The largest biogas plant of Europe, constructed by farmatic in Sonderjysk/Denmark, is commissioned.


The company is renamed FFE Solutions GmbH. The brand name farmatic will remain. It is also the start of supplying the biggest biogas project for liquid manure fermentation.


The company celebrates its 50-year-anniversary.


Due to a new management and new shareholders the company forces their way further into the international market for biogas and special tank construction.


Development and successful launch of the cold energy storage prototype in cooperation with the University of Chemnitz.


The constant delay of the EEG amendment caused uncertainty in the market which lead to a decline in orders in Germany. The collapse of the new market and hence the falling shares caused liquidity problems that ultimately lead to the bankruptcy of farmatic Biotech Energy AG.

In the same year the company was newly established as farmatic Anlagenbau GmbH by Willi J. Müller. The knowledge and experience of technicians and engineers provide a solid basis for a sustainable corporate development.


Foundation of Bigadan A/ to provide the Scandinavian market with bio power plants from their headquarters in Denmark. At the same time biogas and bio power plants subsidiaries were being built and expanded in Nortorf, Erkner, Frankenthal and Amman (Jordan). The group of companies was restructured and farmatic Biotech Energy AG created.


Successful certification of the company as a whole according to DIN EN ISO 9001.1999

Adding to the existing team of specialist engineers, experienced engineers for biogas process technology were brought in from Germany and Scandinavia through proactive recruitment strategies.


The new business sector biogas technology was considerably expanded and developed. farmatic strongly influenced the creation of the term “renewable energy” and significantly contributed to the success of the biogas technique.


Foundation of the subsidiary company farmatic Abwasser- und Wassertechnik GmbH (farmatic Waste Water- and Water Technology GmbH) in Erkner in order to ensure fast and high-quality project management in the new federal states of Germany as well as existing operating areas.

The first big steps of the transformation of production- and installation towards bio power plant technologies were being taken. The company changed to operate under the name of “farmatic Anlagenbau GmbH”.


Moving into our own office, storage- and manufacturing facility in Nortorf (which is still the head office today). Environmental technology development in the area of biological waste water, drinking water treatment and biogas continued.


The product range was expanded by the distribution and installation of big storage containers for storing and processing of industrial and agricultural waste. At the same time farmatic started to work in the municipal waste water market.


The company was renamed “farmatic Silotechnik GmbH”. At the same time the office was relocated to Osdorf, county Rendburg-Eckernförde. The specialization on tanks and silos for storing manure, grass- and corn silage as well as the preservation of grain became the most important element of the corporate development at that time.
October 1st, 1963

Willi J. Müller

Foundation of the farm automation GmbH by Willi J. Müller and Otto Metzger (†) in Tangstedt Schleswig-Holstein. The production range under the brand name “farmatic” was originally oriented on the agricultural rationalization and increase in productivity. “farmatic” is short for “farm automation”.

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