Drinking water tank

The type of water storage has a significant influence on the quality of the water due to high retention times. 

farmatic offers sustainable solutions for storing this valuable resource. Our tanks are ideally suited for voluminous water storage for multiple purposes. 

farmatic system tanks are suitable for decentralised storage for drinking water supply or for a sufficient supply of extinguishing agents independent of the drinking water network. Delivery and installation, including all accessories, are carried out in accordance with relevant standards. They can be filled with drinking water, service water or rainwater. We also offer sophisticated tank systems for process-safe handling of drinking water, for rainwater utilisation and rainwater management.

Our tank solutions made of enamelled steel and stainless steel guarantee you the lowest possible life cycle costs. They can be optimally used for complex overall solutions as well as for partial solutions, extensions and renovations of existing systems. This is where the advantage of the segmental construction comes into play, because plants can be extended without any problems.